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Potato Chips Packing Machine

60-160 times/h
90-360 times/h
90-360 times/h

Nitrogen & Vacuum Potato Chips  Packaging Machine
Unpacked fried potato chips and French fries are for instant selling stores where most fresh food are cooked. Only packaged in bags can potato chips and French fries be sold in a long shelf life. Usually the packaged potato chips are bagged in nitrogen filling bags to protect them from being oxidized. Nitrogen filling machine is suitable for crisp snacks and puffed food like potato chips, popcorn, chips, bread while vacuum package suites deli and vegetables. Vacuum and Nitrogen Packaging Machine can be used in both vacuum package and nitrogen filling package with or without nitrogen gas cylinder. Our vacuum and nitrogen packaging machine is best packing machine in semi-automatic  chips production line. There are 3 models in different capacity to meet your demand.

Features of Vacuum and Nitrogen Packaging Machine for Semi-automatic potato chips line
1. Three models for your reference with respective capacities 60-160 times/h , 90-360 times/h and 90-360 times/h.
2. Consist of upper working space, bellow working space, frame, electrical system, vacuum system, made of stainless steel, won’t get rusted, more clean, more health.
3. Can realize both nitrogen filling package and vacuum package. Potato chips and French fries and other puffed snacks should be packed in nitrogen filled bags. And other meat products and blanched vegetables are packaged in vacuum bags.
4. Most suitable for semi-automatic banana chips and French fries production line.
5. Two working chambers can ensure double working efficiency.
6. Auto coding system can be equipped by your demands.
7. Can finish evacuating, nitrogen filling sealing and coding(optional) at one time in short time.
8. The amount of filled nitrogen and sealing time can be adjusted.
9. Finished package can cutting off oxygen, keep fresh, anti-moisture, mould proof, insect-proofing, effectively extended the shelf life freshness, convenient for storage and transportation.

Potato chips  and banana chips in nitrogen filling package

chips in vacuum package

banana chips in vacuum package

potato chips in vacuum package

Potato chips bags filled with nitrogen have beautiful look and customers can not see inside products. Nitrogen can prevent air penetrating into bags gradually and keep potato chips fresh over a long period. Nitrogen filling package are good ways for fragile and crisp products which would be damaged once being squeezed or crushed.

fresh meat with vacuum package

strawberry in vacuum package


Working Principle of Potato Chips Packaging Machine
The working method of nitrogen filling package and vacuum package are similar with the difference in gas filling and gas evacuating. In nitrogen filling package, a nitrogen gas cylinder is needed.
1. Place pre-prepared bags filled with potato chips on the chamber tables. You can put not only one bags according to the package bags size.
2. Set sealing temperature and time according the package material.
3. Please put bagged potato chips in order to make the opening side on hot sealing line.
4. Connect nitrogen gas to packaging machines. This step can be optional in vacuum packaging line.
5. Cover the lid to one chamber. When the lights lit up, the nitrogen filling package or vacuum package starts. Meanwhile you can place other bags on the other chambers waiting for next package.
6. Wait for one or two minutes and the chamber lid will rebound automatically when all evacuating or nitrogen filling, sealing, coding process are all finished. Next packing round starts.

Parameters of Vacuum and Nitrogen Packaging Machine

Sealing Size
60-160 times/h 
180 kg
400*10/2 mm
90-360 times/h
230 kg
500*10/2 mm
90-360 times/h
320 kg
600*10/2 mm





Potato Chips Nitrogen Filling Package Machine Working Video

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