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Fried Chips Deoiling Machine

8-10 kg/batch
15-20 kg/batch
25-30 kg/batch
35-40 kg/batch

Fried potato chips, rich in oil and fat, are in need of de oiling for customer’s health. In modern society, more and more people realize the importance of low fat and low oil and they prefer a healthy eating diet. De-oiled potato chips contain less oil and are more crisp and tasty. What’s more, it help potato chips manufacturers reduce production cost.

Advantages of Fried Food De oiling Machine

1. Four models with different capacity for your reference.
2. Necessary device in potato chips production line.
3. With anti-shock system, potato chips de-oiling machine can run stably at high roasting speed.
4. High de-oiling rate. High pressure airflow ensure a quick de oiling and cooling process.
5. Low fat and low oil potato chips and French fires enjoy great market in young people.
6. Cut down investment. Low oil consumption save potato chips manufacturers lots money.
7. De-oiled potato chips and French fires are more crisp and tasty. They have a long shelf life and bright color.
8. This potato chips de-oiling machine can be also used as other fried food de oiling machine. Compact design and easy operation make it suitable in various fried food process.

Working Principle of Potato Chips De-oiling Machine

★ Fried potato chips are put into the rotatable screen drum in cabin. The yield per batch can be from 8 to 40 kg and you can choose proper one for your potato chips line.
★ With Wind from the bottom, fried potato chips turn over under the centrifuge force. Constant rolling and continuous airflow ensure each potato chips de-oiled fully. High pressure airflow blows away the surface oil and cool down potato chips. Wind outlet are shaped like slots which have more air pressure on less area of thrust surface.
★ The extra oil that is blown out is dropped out with centrifuge force, flowing out from beside pipe. You can place a bucket to collect them.

fried chicken crohns

frying french fries

fried sweet potato chips

Warm Tips on Healthy Diet
High-calorie and high protein food are not good as they are rich in saturated fatty acid. Diets in high saturated fatty acid would bring blood cholesterol and heart disease. Processed by de-oiling machine, potato chips throw away extra oil and fat and more healthy to customers.

Yield(per batch)
8-10 kg
400 kg
94*56*83 cm
15-20 kg
500 kg
105*66*93 cm
25-30 kg
600 kg
118*75*93 cm
35-40 kg
700 kg
128*82*100 cm

Fried Chips De-oiling Machine working Video


Product Name: Fried Chips Deoiling Machine